2D Laser Cutting

Cutting sheet metal with the power of light is placed in the XLase's cradle. Application-oriented equipped with fiber lasers, every XLase machine offers its users high reliability as well as economic productivity and efficiency.

Hybrid Laser

To do one without having to do without the other: This is the credo of XLase's hybrid laser machines. The flexible high-tech systems cut sheets up to 6000 x 2000 mm format and tubes up to 230 mm diameter. So you don't have to do without anything!

Laser Tube Cutting Machines

Tubes and profiles are regarded worldwide as indispensable construction and design elements. The variety is correspondingly large – and correspondingly flexible is the XLase range of tube cutting machines.

3D Laser Cutting

High machining speeds, short non-productive times and tight tolerances: These are the decisive criteria in the field of 3-dimensional cutting with fiber lasers.  And these are also the top arguments of the XLase machines in this demanding field of sheet metal manufacturing.

Laser Welding

The Laser Welding Systems in the XLase GmbH portfolio offer global top performance and are used wherever precise welding seams and minimal thermal distortion of the components are required.


The application-oriented turn key automation of laser-based tube and profile manufacturing is regarded as the supreme discipline of process engineering. XLase takes over the complete system planning – including material handling, laser machining and integrated process control.

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