The XLase G4020H fiber laser cutting machine only differs from the rapid SClass of the G4020 series in terms of dynamics and speed. Thus, this machine model is satisfied with an acceleration of 1.5 G – at a top speed of up to 140 m/min.

This shuttle table system, on the other hand, also presents itself with the best values in the range of materials to be processed. Thicknesses from 0.5 to 25 mm are possible with carbon steel. For stainless steel it is 0.5 to 30 mm, also for aluminium. For brass the spectrum reaches up to 15 mm, for copper or galvanised sheet steel up to 12 mm.

Technical Data

Machining area:
4,000 mm x 2,000 mm

Available laser power:
1,000 to 10,000 W

Rapid traverse speed:
140 m/min

Axis acceleration:
1.5 g

Positioning accuracy:
0.05 mm

Repositioning accuracy:
±0.05 mm

Total weight:
18,000 kg

Machine dimensions:
11,500 x 3,500 x 2,500 mm

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