The XLase P0637 precision fine cutting machine has been specially designed for the production of filigree contours in the electrical and electronics industries, and in particular for the ultra-precise areas of hardware and microelectronics.

These are areas of application in which the fiber laser can fully demonstrate its strengths with regard to beam quality. The XLase P0637 operates in the process with accelerations of up to 0.3g and a positioning speed of up to 40 m/min.

Technical Data

Machining area:
600 mm x 370 mm

Available laser power:
500 to 1,000 W

Rapid traverse speed:
40 m/min

Axis acceleration:
0.3 g

Positioning accuracy:
0.05 mm

Reduction accuracy:
±0.05 mm

Total weight:
800 kg

Machine dimensions:
1,700 x 1,190 x 1,850 mm

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