The mechanical structure applies integrated gantry design, stable performance, equipment running smoothly. Suitable for metal round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, and other special-shaped tube cutting and drilling. Square tube ▢ 12 x 12 - ▢ 200 x 200 mm, round tube ∅ 12 - ∅ 273 mm.

Technical Data

Tube/profile size range:
Max. 6,5 m length
∅ 12-273 mm
□ 12*12 mm – 200*200 mm

tube/profile types:
round, rectangular, triangular, oval, L/U/H profiles

Available laser power:
1,500 to 4,000 W

Rotation speed:
120 rpm

Multi-axes pos. speed:
120 m/min

Max. acceleration:
1,2 g

Positioning accuracy:
±0.03 mm

Repositioning accuracy:
±0.03 mm

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