The XLase FW2000R fiber laser welding system presents itself as a flexible production system for applications in the manufacture of kitchen appliances, sanitary articles, cabinets, pipelines and automotive parts with laser outputs of up to 2000 watts and multistations.

Technical Data

Laser source:
2000 W (power optional) continuous output, wavelength
coverage 1060 nm~1070 nm; out power stability ±2%

Laser processing head:

6 axis, max. arm expansion 1610 mm, 6th axis loading 16 kg; Repeated positioning accuracy ± 0.05 mm, dead -weight 235 kg

Water chiller:
Refrigerating capacity 10 kW

Working fiber:
Core diameter 0.6 mm, length 20 m

CCD monitoring system:
Industrial CCD+ display

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