The core elements of the XLase W20A systems are the powerful Nd:YAG laser, the laser welding head and the 6-axis robot. CCD monitoring system, weld seam tracking and external axis are optional. The multi-station system allows reciprocal machining for high productivity.

Technical Data

Laser processing head:

Water chiller:
Refrigerating capacity 10 kW

Working fiber:
Core diameter 0.2 mm, length 20,000 mm

Wire feeder:
0.8 - 1.6 mm

Wire feeding speed:
500 mm/min - 20,000 mm/min

Laser wavelength coverage:
1060 to 1070 nm  - out power stability 2%

Max. Loading Weight:
16 kg

Arm Length:
1,610 mm

Axis Quantity:

Repetition accuracy:
±0.05 mm

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