P20 High-power Intelligent Bus Cutting Head:P20 adopts two-way water-cooling+air-cooling technology to cut much thicker sheet metals stably at faster speed.

Zoning Ventilation System:The zoning ventilation, butterfly valve dampers and 300*300mm air ducts can result in fast smoke discharge.

Dual-motor Driven Exchange Platforms:The platforms are driven by dual motors that work independently and will be interlocked to offer safe operation, in addition, it is easy to remove slags; With taper pins, the platforms are positioned accurately without any error and will work stably at high speed because of hexagonal tracks.

Technical Data

Sheet metal sizes:
4020, 6025, 8025,12025

Available laser power:
12.000 to 30.000 W

Multi-axes pos. Speed:
169 m/min,120m/min

Max. acceleration:
1,5 g

Positioning accuracy:
±0.03 mm

Repositioning accuracy:
±0.03 mm

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